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6 Questions with Bella Bucchiotti

By Genuine Health

Hailing from beautiful BC, Bellla Bucchiotti has a passion for all things food, travel, fitness, and fashion. When scrolling through her Instagram you’ll find this foodie adding her own spin to recipes, exploring what the West Coast has to offer, and spending time with her adorable puppy! Read on to learn more about one of our favourite bloggers, Bella.

When are you your most genuine self?

When I am with family or enjoying the outdoors with friends.  

What’s your go-to workout? 

Running has always been my go-to workout, but lately I have been really loving crossfit. 

Do you take your protein in a smoothie, or just mixed with water?

I enjoy it both ways, but in smoothies more often.

What’s your mantra (or favourite quote)?

Seek what sets your soul on fire.

Which vegetable is your spirit animal?

I would be celery for its strength and tender heart.

Favourite Genuine Health product and why?  

I love the fermented Greek yogurt proteins+. I love how smooth it is, and I use it in a lot of my baking.