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6 Questions with Tori Wesszer

By Genuine Health

As a registered dietician and the creator of the popular Fraiche Nutrition blog, Tori Wesszer has it nailed when it comes to making beautiful food that is both nourishing and tastes great. We asked Tori a few questions to shed a little light on what makes her tick whether she’s in or out of the kitchen.

When are you your most genuine self?  

Around my family.

What’s your go-to workout?

My 5am gym sessions!  I start the day feeling like a million bucks.

 Do you take your protein in a smoothie or just with water?


What’s your mantra (or favourite quote)?  

 Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

Which vegetable is your spirit animal?

Oh gee, beets. Must be my Ukrainian background 😉

Favourite Genuine Health product and why?  

The omegas, I love that they are pure, no after taste, come from a sustainable source, and help support my immune system.


You can find Tori on Instagram at @fraichenutrition