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7 Questions With Laura Davidson

By Genuine Health

If you’ve heard of WHISTLE App, tinder for workout buddies, then you might know the rockstar behind it, Laura Davidson. Laura is an entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast sharing her fitness journey with the world, or as she calls it, her Sweat Story. We wanted to learn more about why Laura fell in love with fitness, and of course, what her favourite workout is.


When are you your most genuine self?

I can honestly say I am my most genuine self all day every day. I feel that I have really come into my own in terms of confidence and self-love, which has allowed me to stay true to who I am and what I believe in. Authenticity is currently my main focus and I work hard to separate myself from the competition by being nothing but my true genuine self.

Why is fitness important to you?

Fitness is important to me for many reasons; it provides me with structure, drive, commitment and consistency. It is also a huge mental release and promoter of self-love. I also love the social aspect of it. Fitness has introduced me to many inspiring and motivating women and these introductions have grown into meaningful friendships.

What’s your go-to workout?

I am currently four weeks into a three-month training program with a personal trainer. Our main focus is mobility and really honing in on form and proper movements. This program will eventually expand into heavy weight lifting. In addition to this, I also enjoy a spin class for that extra cardio.

Do you take your protein in a smoothie, or just mixed with water?

I always use unsweetened natural almond milk and add as many vegetables as possible when I have access to a blender.

What’s your mantra (or favourite quote)?

You can’t change without a challenge. You have to fight through the pain and work hard to correct old habits and see what you are truly made of.

Which vegetable is your spirit animal?

I would have to say anything in the hot pepper family – I can be surprisingly sweet, but I’m usually a little spicy and am a great addition to any dish.

Favourite Genuine Health product and why?

Definitely the chocolate fermented vegan proteins+ powder.


Follow Laura’s Sweat Story on Instagram at @misslauradavidson or check out her blog