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Beyond the Protein Bar – an Unexpected Sports Nutrition Supplement

By Genuine Health

The Sports Nutrition industry offers ever powder, drink, gel and cube you could ask for to help your fitness performance and recovery, but did you know that nutritional support for your athletic endeavors can come from less obvious – but incredibly powerful sources… like greens+?

Preparing and supporting the body for athletic grace and strength means supporting it from head to toe. greens+ isn’t a mild-mannered green food supplement, but a superfood powerhouse that can help you meet your fitness goals through its research-proven formula that provides your body with the nutritional support and protection it needs for optimum health.

A key ingredient in supporting the body for athletics is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what puts the “green” in greens+, as it naturally occurs in high concentrations in the formula’s organic barley, alfalfa and wheat grasses. This emerald pigment traps the energy from the sun and uses it to convert carbon dioxide and water to pure, nutrient-rich carbohydrates: also known as the process of photosynthesis!

BloodCellsThis tiny, mighty component of green foods is shown to increase your oxygen uptake – energizing your body for endurance and recovery, and also helps to build red blood cells which contribute to increased muscle mass! Chlorophyll balances acidosis in the body, as after strenuous exercise the body can use some help shifting back to an alkaline state from the lactic acid generated during muscular exertion. The pH balancing properties of greens+ are proven to help make this happen, as it is formulated with highly alkalizing ingredients such as organic spirulina, chlorella, and beet juice powder, along with the high-chlorophyll grasses.

A key step to recovery is the quenching of inflammation and free-radicals generated from exercise. Exercise is a physiologically taxing activity that promotes natural inflammation and oxidation, and while some of this is helpful in building muscle mass and increasing its capacity for performance, some of it needs to be addressed to help the body restore itself.  Muscle tissue is at its most vulnerable to oxidative damage, post-workout – and the powerful antioxidants in the greens+ formula: chlorophyll, grape seed extract, Japanese green tea leaf extract can help protect the body, not to mention the spectrum of naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in over 23 plant-based ingredients! The antioxidant content equals that of 6 servings of organic fruits and vegetables, and one piece of the research backing the greens+ formula addresses this specifically – indicating that greens+ has an established high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) – a measure of antioxidant ability.

Think outside of the box (or bar, or gel) for high-powered athletic nutrition and give research-proven, high-performance ingredients of greens+ a try!