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Clearing “brain fog” with supplements

By Genuine Health

Brain fog, though not a clinical term, is a real thing.  It actually feels like a thick, impenetrable fog has clouded the brain, under which thoughts are obscured or “stuck”. When it rolls in, you struggle to focus and think with clarity, or experience confusion or forgetfulness. People joke about having brain fog, and are even dismissive of it, but it can be extremely frustrating and even damage your personal and professional life. The symptoms of brain fog is your body expressing an imbalance: a deficiency or excess that it needs your help in correcting. Of course, the power-trifecta of a healthy lifestyle – diet, exercise, and sleep- are essential for restoring balance, but let’s look a little closer…

There is a connection between digestion and cognitive power. In fact, the intestinal environment is considered our “second brain”, where a vast network of neurons line the gut, and over 90% of our body’s serotonin is housed. The blossoming field of neurogastroenterology  is investigating how our emotional and cognitive wellbeing relies on messages sent to our brain from our “gut-brain”.  For healthy mood and efficient cognitive function – not to mention nutrient distribution throughout the body- we need it to be in prime shape!

A healthy gut depends on adequate nutrition to support its structure and thriving ecology of the trillions of bacteria that make the gut their home. Damaged gut environments are very common, from nutritionally poor diets, antibiotic use and stress, to name a few culprits. But nourishing your gut is the most effective way to help your brain out of the fog: the better your body can digest food, the better your brain can digest information!

greens+ Whole Body Nutrition was formulated with both of your brains in mind.  High-performance, low-allergen and fermented ingredients provide complete “pre-digested” nutrition that takes stress off of the digestive system while cultivating a robust gut. Fermentation amplifies the nutritional value of the ingredients, which include targeted ingredients to optimize key body systems, and feeds healthy bacteria with fermented VitaFibre™.  Your body’s ability to be nourished improves – not to mention the nourishment of your second brain.

Besides stress on the gut, external, or perceived stressors, such as work, relationships, financial insecurity, etc. have acute and chronic physiological effects on the body. They can culminate over time as brain fog, and if you aren’t equipped to burn it off –  you’ll soon burn out.

Physiological effects of perceived stress are linked to oxidative stress in the body. greens+ Whole Body Nutrition has that covered too, with high potency antioxidants, including a (not-so) secret weapon that can also help keep brain fog from rolling in: Extramel®! This powerhouse is extracted from a specific cantaloupe (yes- the melon!) that is able to withstand aging and stay fresher, longer because of a high content of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). SOD is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidant enzymes, present both inside and outside cell membranes, but it has been problematic in supplement form because of its vulnerability to harsh acids in the digestive tract. The SOD found in Extramel® is in a special delivery system that ensures bioavailability, enhancing the body’s antioxidant defence and reducing oxidative stress on the body.  A double-blind, placebo controlled study observed 70 individuals taking a 10mg dose of Extramel® containing 140 IU of SOD – the exact dose found in one serving of greens+ Whole Body Nutrition. After 4 weeks, the group reported reduced stress on 3 levels:

  • physical (sleep/pain)
  • cognitive (concentration/fatigue)
  • behavioural (attitude/irritability)

In other words, the main symptoms associated with brain fog had been reduced noticeably!

Extramel® is just one of the cutting-edge ingredients in greens+ Whole Body Nutrition. As part of a complete formula that works synergistically to align and optimize your whole body’s health- starting with your second brain!



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