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Let’s Fall (Back) in Love with Nature

By Genuine Health



The world has changed so much since greens+ came to be. Twenty five years ago, the internet and social media didn’t dominate our lifestyles and people actually survived day-to-day life without emailing, texting and updating their status – instead they were living it!

It seems that with this sea change of “staying connected” through technology, we’ve been led away from our primordial, genuine connection with nature. That is why, for the 5th consecutive year, we’re partnering with the David Suzuki Foundation in urging Canadians to rediscover this connection, by falling back in love with nature!

This May, we’re once again challenging Canadians to join the 30×30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days. For five years, the 30×30 Challenge has inspired tens of thousands of Canadians and hundreds of workplaces and schools to cultivate the ‘nature habit’. Participants take to the great outdoors, doubling their time spent outside. Over the years, participants have reported sleeping better, feeling calmer and less stressed. Impressive results for half an hour a day!

Genuine Health is founded upon the healing benefits of nature, and helping everyone discover and achieve increased health and happiness. Today there seems to be an even greater urgency to reconnect people with the ultimate Natural Health Product – integral to our mental, physical and spiritual health – Nature. And it is within your power.


Love Letters to Nature

Love, write, deliver… Win!


  1. Reflect on what you love about nature—a favourite wild space from childhood, or how the sound of water makes you feel more peaceful. Be as specific as you can!

  3. Write a love letter to nature. Tell us what you love in a story, a poem or a few simple words.

  5. Share your love letter on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #lovenature and #30x30challenge. Include your love letter text accompanied by a photo or share a picture of your handwritten letter.

  7. That’s it! You’ll be automatically entered to win one of our Weekly Prize Packs. Check them out below!


It’s time to fall (back) in love with nature. See you outside!


Weekly Prize Packs

Week 1: Picnic in the Park

Dine al fresco! This prize pack includes, picnic basket and blanket, and fermented vegan proteins+ powder for whipping up some delicious recipes for an upcoming picnic (balls, bars, bites, etc…) along with convenient fermented vegan proteins+ bars


Week 2: Whole Health

Connect with yourself in a natural atmosphere. A diffuser, essential oils, and a teapot with herbal tea set the scene to write a letter to someone that is near and dear to your heart. Also includes the whole-health duo of greens+ and omega3.


Week 3: Family Fun

Take it outside, with fun for the whole family. Win a bocce ball and badminton set, along with our new, delicious fermented Greek Yogurt proteins+ powder and bars for quick smoothie and snack attacks!


Week 4: Camping with Friends

Catch up under the stars, or around a campfire seated on portable stools, wearing sustainably made t shirts, with a cooler packed with fermented vegan proteins+ bars for snacking!