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Green Food Supplements Stand the Test of Time

By Sam Graci

Green foods, once the beverage of choice of die-hard granolas, have stood the test of time and are now a  research-proven way to improve energy and vitality.

The leading green food has 10 university studies proving its ability to increase energy and re-invigorate vitality; to build bone and protect against osteoporosis; boost antioxidant levels in the blood – one serving is the antioxidant equivalent of 6 servings of organic fruits and vegetables; and increase alkalinity in the body (a more alkaline body= a healthier body).

Green foods are not meant to replace a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables but instead can be seen as “nutritional life insurance” for those days when our diets are less than perfect. But the main reason people take a green food supplement is because they feel energized!

Green supplements may also be a way to get the nutrients found in green plants and herbs, that may not be standard in your everyday diet. Most green supplements contain “super-food” sea greens like spirulina, chlorella, kelp, seaweed or algae. Greens such as barley grass, alfalfa and wheat grass may also be present along with beneficial herbs, vegetables and vitamins. Green food drinks are an economical and convenient way to increase your intake of colorful fruits and vegetables for remarkable energy and a sense of well-being. They come in a powder or a capsule and can be mixed with water or juice.

Today there are more than 30+ green food supplements on the market. There is a green food for everyone. No longer are they hard to palate. Flavors run the gamut: fruity, chocolate and even coffee. There are condition-specific formulas, that address energy, detoxification, skin health and bone health.  And the latest trend is toward organic and low allergen.

To get the most bang for your buck, ask for brand that is made in Canada and has the science to back its claims.

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Gram for gram, what a quality green food formula with give you:

– 6 times more calcium than broccoli

– 2.5 times more magnesium than spinach

– 3 times more folic acid than orange juice

– 4 times more vitamin A than tomato juice

– 7 times more fibre than cooked oatmeal

– 4 times more vitamin C than sweet cherries

– 3.5 times more vitamin B6 than cooked lentils


Sam Graci is an internationally renowned lecturer, consultant, researcher, and formulator in the field of optimal human health and nutrition. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario in adolescent psychology and chemistry, Sam has additional degrees in education, special education, and counseling.  He has authored the following books: The Power of Superfoods, The Food Connection, The Path to Phenomenal Health, and his latest: The Bone-Building Solution.


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