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In vitro and in vivo testing confirm the antioxidant capabilities of greens+

By Genuine Health

Research by: Dr Venket Rao, et al. University of Toronto.
MAIN OUTCOME: In the in vitro portion of the study, greens+ was demonstrated to exert significant protection against oxidative damage in lipid cells, which is linked to cardiovascular, neurological and psychiatric illnesses. The in vitro portion also confirmed the presence of a variety of bioflavonoids within greens+. Following one month of human consumption in healthy volunteers, greens+ significantly improved antioxidant status and prevented oxidative damage to both proteins and lipid components of cells. greens+ was also shown to lower LDL (harmful) and total cholesterol levels. The flavonoids in greens+ were documented to be well-absorbed in humans. No adverse events. Rao V, et al. In vitro and in vivo antioxidant properties of the plant-based supplement greens+. Int J Mol Sci 2011;12:4896-908.
At the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, University of Toronto researchers replicated the antioxidant finding above with a greens+ line extension, greens+ bone builder.
An 8-week study, involving 60 post-menopausal women showed significantly improved total antioxidant capacity, oxidative stress against cellular proteins, and oxidative damage against cellular lipids versus placebo.
Kang N, et al. Oxidative stress and the risk of osteoporosis: the role of dietary polyphenols and nutritional supplements in postmenopausal women. ASBMR Meeting, San Diego, Sept 2011 Abstract #MO0448

Scientific investigations focused on greens+ have demonstrated that this unique product has direct physiological influences on a variety of the body’s systems. The results show that greens+ improves long-term energy levels and boosts antioxidant levels. In addition, the combined ingredients have significant antioxidant activity (ORAC), work synergistically to alkalize the body (PRAL), protect cells against toxic assault, and promote healthy bones. Among green food supplements, only greens+ with its high quality ingredients and unique blend of standardized herbs is research-proven to provide these results.