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Natural Pain Relief in 5 days

By Genuine Health

No one wants to live with pain, but the reality is that 1 in 10 Canadians are doing that every single day. From back pain, to migraines, to degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis, pain is affecting more and more of us every single year and robbing us the life that we should be living.

When you are in pain it is not just your physical body that suffers. Your emotional health begins to erode as simple tasks take more and more out of you every single day. Sleep disturbances, fatigue, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety have all been linked to those suffering from chronic pain. Friend’s and family miss out as loved one’s retreat from life. Like heavy curtains drowning out the bright sunshine, pain dims our light within, and dulls our zest for the things we love to do.

It’s time to take back our health, and manage pain safely and effectively with natural products proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to managing pain.

Why is natural better?

Pain is one of our body’s protective mechanisms, which gives us an indication that something is wrong. It prevents us from moving a sprained ankle that is trying to heal, or a knee that has worn away its cartilage and may damage the bone around it. By only treating the symptom of pain, as many OTC’s do, you are not getting to the root of the problem.

Natural pain relief, like those found in fast joint care+, fast arthritis pain relief+, and fast pain relief+ are different. Not only do they help relieve the symptoms of pain, but thanks to their inclusion of BiovaFlex®, a powerful form of natural egg membrane, they provide the building block to nourish the body and tackle the problem at its core.

Further to this many OTC’s come with nasty side effects when taken long term, as many people do with chronic pain. Gastrointestinal upset (including ulcers), undue stress on the cardiovascular system, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke are some of the very serious side effects that have all been linked to continued use of OTC pain relievers.

Again, choosing a more natural approach to pain management, wins out as the better choice. fast joint care+, fast arthritis pain relief+ and fast pain relief+ have all been shown to be safe and well tolerated with continual use, and have no implications on the gastrointestinal or cardiovascular systems.

Why choose Genuine Health natural Pain Relief products?    

What makes Genuine Health’s line of Pain Relief products different is not only the quality and care that goes into each product, but the efficacy when it comes to getting you pain relief fast.

BiovaFlex®, the main ingredient in all three products, is a powerful form of natural egg membrane, shown to be superior to those on the market thanks to its high protein content. This protein content contains essential building blocks such as collagen, elastin, glucosamine/chondroitin, and Transforming Growth Factor (to name a few), that have been shown to reduce levels of C-Reactive Protein (a known marker of inflammation) and improve symptoms of joint pain in as little as 5 days; two days faster than any other natural eggshell membrane on the market.

For those suffering from acute pain, or need pain relief even faster, fast pain relief+ contains a potent source of White Willow Bark (nature’s Aspirin), shown to provide pain relief in as little as 2 hours, without causing drowsiness or impacting your daily activities.

Genuine Health’s line of fast Pain Relief products are the fastest, most effective, choice to treating your pain naturally.



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