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Its Non-GMO Month!

By Genuine Health

You are what you eat, and at Genuine Health we couldn’t agree more! That is why at we take great care to make products that are safe, clean, effective and free of GMO’s.

At Genuine Health we have been paying attention to GMO’s for quite a while now, but we understand that today it is a really hot topic, and simply saying “GMO free” isn’t enough for some of our hungry for knowledge fans. So in honour of Non-GMO month we wanted to share with you our thoughts on this important issue and the steps we take to ensure that every bottle of greens+ contains only the things you want and nothing you don’t.


What Does Non-GMO Mean?

According to the Non-GMO Project – a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, Non-GMO or non-GM means: “A plant, animal, or other organism or derivative of such an organism whose genetic structure has not been altered by gene splicing, [or] a process or product that does not employ GM processes or inputs.” 

Is greens+ part of the Non-GMO project?

While we have been working towards non-GMO certified product status for a while, it’s a not a straightforward process. For some products – it is easy to define what is and what is not GMO: products derived from animals (e.g. fish oils, whey protein etc.) for example, are defined as non-GMO when their feed is verified to be free of all GMO ingredients as determined by the Non-GMO Project. However, other ingredients, like bee products (honey, bee pollen etc.) are unable to be certified by the Non-GMO Project, as where the bees fly and collect nectar from each day cannot be controlled. Generally speaking, genetic modification is only applied to huge commodity crops, where high-priced patented seeds are all that is on offer to farmers, creating a monopoly that keeps agri-business execs in a manner they are accustomed to; one with a big bank account.  These companies are toying with science in an order to generate millions of dollars in profits with cash crops like corn, soy, cotton and canola.

So what does that actually mean?

When we are talking about Natural Health Products, the specialized ingredients that benefit our health really are not a concern for genetic modification. These ingredients just don’t bring in enough money for big agri-business to care about. No return on investment, no interest for these guys! Other than potential cross-contamination the unique herbs, botanicals and other natural health ingredients are simply not a concern for the pursuit of genetic modification.

Bottom line….. greens+ is free from GMO’s!

Although some natural ingredients cannot be 100% certified, regardless of any challenges, our product quality comes first and by committing to avoiding to GMO ingredients we are committing to your health, and the health of the world.  Where it’s traceable, we are making sure we have non-GMO sources, and where there are not traceable sources we will make sure its PCR*negative. While it is a massive undertaking, we endeavor to do all that we can to make sure we are a non-GMO company, and give you only products that give to your health instead of take from it.


*PCR Negative: Polymerase Chain Reaction – a technique used to detect genetic modification through DNA technology)