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Meet Stewart Brown

Stewart’s passion for Natural Health started early in life when he suffered with health issues and found solutions through holistic modalities and supplements.  Experiencing the benefits of natural approaches first-hand sparked his desire to learn more, and he began his career as a Sales Rep in Western Canada selling food and skincare items for his father’s Natural Food business.

Stewart spent 5 years in Western Canada learning the ropes before returning Toronto, inspired to expand his reach in helping people by opening up his own chain of Natural Supplement Stores: Supplements Plus.  His first store opened in 1986 on Church Street and marks where Stewart’s vision really began to take shape.  Not long after his store opened, the AIDS crisis hit, and Supplements Plus was located at the epicentre of the epidemic.  Stewart offered help and hope, through adjunct therapies and products to counter side effects from HIV and AIDS treatment medications, working closely with the AIDS Community of Toronto to set up complementary clinics for sufferers of the disease.  His open doors and caring nature offered support that was scarce at the time for people suffering with an incredibly stigmatized disease.

This desire for change continued to flourish as Stewart worked alongside the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in setting up their first dispensary, and donating all the profits back to the College to help in the training of student Naturopaths.  In 2001 Stewart received an honorary Naturopathic degree from the College in recognition of these contributions.

It was also during his time at Supplements Plus that Stewart met Sam Graci, formulator of the now infamous greens+.  Health store aisles at that time were lined with single vitamins and minerals, and greens+ was the first complete formula rich in phytonutrients that taught people to truly nourish the body.   Stewart began selling greens+ in his stores in 1993 and after seeing the effects it had on himself and his customers, he knew he had to do more to bring the formula to all Canadians.  In 1995 Stewart sold his chain of 3 Supplements Plus stores and started what became Genuine Health, distributing greens+ all over Canada. Almost 25 years have passed since these two revolutionaries set out to change the way people viewed supplementation, and greens+ continues to improve the health of Canadians – every day!

At the heart of what drives Stewart’s ongoing work is his commitment to original research, validation of formulas and credibility within the natural health industry.  The most important thing is that the products he puts out make a difference in the lives of consumers, a value that extends back to his days at Supplements Plus where he witnessed first-hand the dichotomy of some people using natural products for curiosity, and others depending on them for survival.  Products that genuinely help people is the cornerstone of what Stewart and Genuine Health stands for.

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