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Pilot study shows abs+ may prevent weight gain in patients taking antidepressant medications

By Genuine Health

Research by: Dr. Martin Katzman, et al. START Clinic for Mood and Anxiety Disorders

BACKGROUND: Weight gain is often a primary concern among patients taking antidepressants and other medications for the treatment of mental health disorders.

MAIN OUTCOME: A pilot study involving adults with primary generalized anxiety disorder and undergoing treatment with the psychiatric drug quetiapine (Seoquel®) for periods ranging from 10-24 weeks, showed that with daily self- administration of abs+ containing conjugated linoleic acid and green tea extract resulted in consistent decreased total body fat mass, decreased body fat percentage and increased lean body mass. This is a very remarkable finding, particularly because this class of medication is associated with significant weight gain in periods as short as eight weeks. The findings were published in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal, Lipids in Health and Disease (May, 2007.)
Based on the positive outcome of these case reports and their consistency with other abs+ research the efficacy of abs+ cannot be questioned..