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Product Monograph: activfuel+

By Genuine Health

Genuine Health vegan activfuel+ 470g

activfuel+ is an all-natural sports nutrition supplement specifically designed to fuel your  body – both before and during your workout. With dosing tailored to your intensity,  activfuel+ increases energy, improves performance and stamina while relieving fatigue. It  also works to decrease physical stress and damage to the body, for faster recovery time.

Containing only safe, natural, and research proven ingredients, and without artificial  flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, activfuel+ is a convenient, great tasting addition to  your workout – It’s your body and your workout, fuel it your way.

See the monograph below for full ingredients and research references.

activfuel+ is a sports nutrition supplement designed specifically for pre- and during- exercise consumption. This new formula from Genuine Health complements proteins+ and Vegan proteins+ powders and bars, which are appropriate options to assist with the third stage of performance, recovery, and help repair and build muscles. activfuel+ is designed to provide energy, improve mental motivation and physical performance, improve endurance and stamina, improve recovery time, and increase immune function in conjunction with exercise of any intensity.

Build & Prepare

Whey protein isolate is a complete source of protein & helps meet the higher protein requirement associated with physical activity (Fulgoni 2008). Exercise increases protein requirements 1) up to 25% to maintain existing muscle mass, and 2) up to 50% to gain muscle mass (Lemon 1997). Dietary protein increases thermogenesis and helps regulate blood glucose. According to one study, even a 3% increase in protein (from 15 to 18% as a percent of total calories) was associated with greater fat loss and the ability to keep it off after six months (Paddon Jones 2008).

Branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are anabolic and promote muscle synthesis. In addition, research has shown that BCAAs decrease muscle protein breakdown (catabolism) during exercise; improve motivation and performance by decreasing the mental perception of fatigue; improve reaction time during performance; lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol during recovery; reduce the typical delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) associated with exercise; reduce muscle fatigue associated with exercise (Howatson 2012, Shimomura 2010).


activfuel+ provides a balanced source of low glycemic carbohydrates from brown rice, agave, and beet root, to replenish glycogen stores and improve endurance exercise performance, and enhance recovery with improved subsequent exercise performance (el-Sayed 1997). In addition, kola nut provides a modest dose of caffeine (100mg), a proven ergogenic aid that can increase fat utilization, delay depletion of glycogen stores, increase reaction time and mental performance, and increase time to exhaustion (Duncan 2012, Laurent 2000). Despite the performance enhancement properties of caffeine, some individuals remain sensitive to even small doses, and therefore Genuine Health offers a caffeine-free version of the activfuel+ formula.

Speed & Strength

Taurine is one of the most abundant amino acids in muscle tissue. Supplementation helps offset exercise induced depletion and diminished performance. According to a study published in 2009, taurine was effective in decreasing lactate accumulation, which limits the ongoing production of energy in the muscle cells and contributes to DOMS.

Rehydrate & Replenish

ingredients replace electrolytes lost during exercise, while Go the Distance ingredients improve endurance. Creatine increases lean body mass, strength, and total workload capacity; in particular, creatine improves strength, power and performance in repetitive bouts of brief, highly intense physical activity (e.g. sprints, jumping, resistance training) (Bosco 1997).

Directions: mix one scoop (20.9g) of activfuel+ in one to one and a half cups (250-375mL to taste) of pure water or juice. Take once daily before and/or during your physical activity, or as needed based on body weight and exercise intensity. Rhodiola increases the body’s ability to handle stress, while thiamine helps reduce levels of lactate and improves oxygen concentration during exercise (Bautista-Hernández 2008).

Figure 1. Targeted Dosing, according to Body Weight and Exercise Intensity

Genuine Health activfuel+ dosing chart

Table 1. Genuine Health Activfuel+ formula

Genuine Health activfuel+ formula


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