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Is that protein RAW? Do I need Raw Protein? What does sprouting mean!? Get the SCOOP on protein powders.

By Genuine Health

The recent surge in plant-based diets has created a whole new market for vegan/plant-based protein powders, giving consumers a multitude of choice when it comes to fulfilling their protein needs. But in an effort to stand out, some products may be promising more than actually delivering.


What is raw?

“Raw” foods by definition are those that haven’t been heated above 118°F or 48°C. Proponents of this diet say that because the food hasn’t been heated it is richer in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that can be destroyed through the cooking process.


Can vegan or plant-based proteins be considered raw?

While some companies on the market like to claim their protein powders are “raw” the truth is this may be a bit misleading. Raw foods, by nature, are very minimally processed, however when creating protein powder this is nearly impossible. The ingredients that go into protein powders need to be milled, processed, and sanitized in a way that makes them both safe and effective for consumption, which does require the use of heat. While no heat is added to the finished product, it is a bit misleading to label the product as truly “raw”. Unfortunately at this time there is no government standards or definition around this term, which allows for a lot of grey area when it comes to using the term on a product’s label.


Is Genuine Health’s Vegan proteins+ considered raw?

At Genuine Health we pride ourselves on being, well, genuine. We do not use heat as part of our finished product, but as some of our ingredients have been heated in their processing we do not label our product as “raw” ensuring that you are 100% aware of what you are getting.


What about sprouting?

Sprouting is another term that is used a lot with plant-based protein powders. The definitive characteristic of sprouting is “when the germ cell breaks open, but before the chlorophyll has had a chance to develop.”  Sprouting may have some benefits with regard to activating enzymes, removing some starches and helping to breakdown anti-nutrients, but with respect to protein powders, sprouting may increase the digestibility of the protein but not overall protein content.  One problem with sprouting is that when it is not done correctly or controlled, it can be easily contaminated by undesirable bacteria or mold.


What make Genuine Health’s Vegan proteins+ superior?

We pride ourselves on being a company that not only lives up to transparency but quality as well. We go above and beyond sourcing only the best ingredients ensuring maximum efficacy, quality, and safety, including low levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes, so you know you can trust every bottle of every product that Genuine Health makes.  We want to provide ingredients that are easy to absorb and for the body to use so when necessary and available, we will include sprouted, raw or fermented ingredients and only when they are of high quality and safe.  Every ingredient in our vegan proteins+ is carefully selected to provide you with the most absorbable, safe and effective vegan protein available on the market today.