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Trust Your Gut.

You CAN change the health of your microbiome – introducing probiotics done the Genuine Health way!

  • 15 Strains mimic gut flora
  • Targeted delivery
  • Guaranteed potency
  • Clean & toxin-free
How We're Hurting Our Microbiome

Certain factors change our microbial communities, leading to the loss of beneficial microbes, over proliferation of unhealthy microbes, and the loss of diversity:

Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors, like stress, and sleep problems, have been found to reduce microflora. New research has found that just as we have sleep rhythms, so do our bacteria.

Digital Addiction

Digital Addiction

Digital addiction and lack of physical activity have been found to alter gut microflora – less movement equals less diversity of bacteria in the gut!



Antibiotics in prescriptions and in the food supply not only knock out select bacteria – once these bacteria have died, so do the others that were dependent on them.



Environmental toxins, alcohol and tobacco have been found to alter the ratio of good to bad bacteria, causing what is known as dysbiosis, which translates to “life in distress.”



Diet creates changes in the microbiome. Certain foods feed the good bacteria in our gut while others do not. What’s for certain is that we are eating too much of the not so good stuff and not enough of the good.

What Makes our Probiotics different?

  • 1 Superior Formula
  • 2 Highly Controlled Process
  • 3 Targeted Delivery of Healthier, Heartier Strains
  • 4 Shelf Stable Blister Pack

Our formula combines 15 strains carefully selected for their ability to repair and restore. In a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, the strains are cleaned to remove toxins and weak cells. A vegan, delayed-release capsule with a fermented prebiotic ensures that the strains pass through the stomach acid, reaching the gut where they thrive. The resulting probiotic is stable at room temperature, and the label claim is guaranteed at expiry.

Specific Strains
for Whole Body Health

A probiotic is a type of bacteria that has been identified as a genus (e.g lactobacilli or bifidobacteria), species (e.g. acidophilus) and strain (e.g. A058). Each type of probiotic has specific effects on the human body – we carefully selected these strains for whole body health.

Frequently Asked Questions

When probiotics need to be refrigerated is that because of stability issue?

Yes, because the manufacturers of these products do not utilize the same technology as used for advanced gut health to make their strains room-temperature stable.  This includes cleaning the cells and processing them in a humidity controlled environment to maintain only the heartiest cells, and finally packaging them in a blister cap to maintain the integrity of the capsule.

Is the packaging the only factor in making them self-stable?

No, the entire manufacturing process, from growth, isolation, humidity control, and cleaning of the strains to encapsulation and blister packing results in superior purity and stability.

Is there a difference between enteric coated and targeted delivery?

Enteric coating is one type of method used for targeted delivery. Our plastic free vegan delayed release capsules are preferable due to their clean label and vegan stature.

CFU count @ manufacturing?

45 billion for the 15 billion advanced gut health, and 125 billion for the 50 billion advanced gut health.  This is also indicated on the label.  This overage ensures a potent product when stored at recommended conditions right up to the expiry date.

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