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fast joint care+
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fast joint care+

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For fast, effective relief from joint pain and inflammation – naturally. Introducing fast joint care+, : Made with the patented and proven ingredient Biovaflex®, its formula provides the fastest, most effective way to improve mobility and range of motion due to osteoarthritis joint pain and joint stiffness.


  • Bone & Joint Health
  • Energy & Vitality

What people are saying

“ Try to find joint relief with this little known but very effective ingredient. Its the oil that lubricates your body motor. I have ulnar nerve damage, and this works, also great for your skin too ” Read more
Hopeful August 11, 2012

Individual results may vary.

fast joint care+

For fast, effective relief from joint pain and joint stiffness – naturally.

Introducing fast joint care+: Made with the research proven ingredient Biovaflex®, it provides the fastest, most effective way to improve mobility and range of motion due to osteoarthritis joint pain and joint stiffness.

Benefits of taking fast joint care+ include:

  • Fast pain relief in as little as 5 days
  • Helps build joint cartilage, while improving long-term joint health
  • Increases mobility and range of motion with noticeable reduction in inflammatory markers like C Reactive protein
  • Just one easy-to-swallow capsule daily is all that it takes
  • Those taking Biovaflex® are 5x more likely to experience a 50% reduction in pain versus glucosamine, 3 x more likely to experience a 50% reduction in pain versus a leading Rx drug for joint pain.

What makes Biovaflex® uniquely effective?
Derived from egg shells, Biovaflex® is unique to Genuine Health and feeds your body all essential nutrients for proper joint health and flexibility, including targeted, nourishing proteins, collagen, and elastin.

How Biovaflex® and its ingredients work:

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate: Both help support cartilage matrix
  • Elastin: Gives the tissue the elastic tension and ability to resume its shape after stretching
  • Transforming growth factor: A protein that plays a critical role in tissue repair, cellular differentiation, and immune function
  • Type I collagen: New research shows type I collagen may be the most valuable due to its ability to boost glycosaminoglycan production, lower inflammation in the joint, and normalize type II collagen production

Biovaflex® is a registered trademark of Biova, LLC, Johnston, IA 50131.



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The Research

fast joint care+ & Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical disorder characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, mood, memory and sleep issues that can be quite debilitating for those suffering from it.

While there is no known cure for FM exciting new research holds promise in reliving symptoms of the disease and thus improving the quality of life for those affected.

In an open label trial that took place in Toronto, 15 patients suffering from FM took 1 capsule (500mg) of fast joint care+ daily for eight weeks. Various aspects of the disease were measured via a series of self-reporting questionnaires taken at both the beginning and end of the trial.  At the end of the trial results showed a significant improvement in sleep, pain while working (i.e. performing activities) and overall pain felt in FM.

These very exciting and promising results show the need for future research with respect to the role that fast joint care+ may have on managing the pain and fatigue associated with FM and helping suffers return to doing the things they love to do.

Study supervised by FM specialist Alison Bested, MD.

fast joint care+ and Non-Arthritic Joint Pain

The anti-inflammatory properties that natural egg shell membrane found in fast joint care+ provides, has often been thought of as a useful tool in combating the inflammation and discomfort that can be felt in the joints of “weekend warriors” after a grueling faceoff with a long run or intense workout. Now we have the research to prove it.

A one-month study involving 60 adults (average age 40) with non-arthritic, yet chronic joint pain consumed one capsule (500mg) of fast joint care+ or placebo, as well as a weekly exercise protocol designed to challenge the joint. Participants then rated the pain and discomfort felt immediately after the exercise as well as the day after.

Those in the fast joint care+ joint care+ group reported significantly less joint pain post–exercise – 4 times less than the placebo group to be exact.

Study supervised by Dr. John Berardi – presented at Precision Nutrition.

BiovaFlex® – The Research

We know that when it comes to managing your pain, you want something that not only works, but works fast. BiovaFlex® is the answer with results that speak for themselves!

In a study consisting of forty-two subjects suffering from knee joint pain, significant reductions in pain were reported after just 5 days versus placebo; that is right FIVE days! When it comes to managing pain from something like osteoarthritis, you know that results this fast are almost unprecedented. And the effects didn’t stop there. By the end of the study (60 days) participants reported a significant reduction in pain, with a 37.8% improvement in relative knee functionality.

But fast results are just one part of the study. When we are talking about pain you also want to trust that what you are taking is the best solution to get you back to doing the things you love to do. Versus more traditional approaches to osteoarthritis, those taking a natural egg membrane, like BiovaFlex® were 5x more likely to experience a 50% reduction in pain versus glucosamine, and 3 x more likely to experience a 50% reduction in pain versus a leading Rx drug for joint pain. Fast and effective; there is no other ingredient like this on the market.

But what about those who suffer from joint pain not due to osteoarthritis? The results are just as impressive! A study looking at those suffering from non-arthritic joint pain reported 4x less pain after just 30 days on natural egg membrane versus placebo. This is huge for weekend warriors who sacrifice their knees for the love of their sport.

BiovaFlex® truly is the most revolutionary ingredient on the market that is proven to work faster than any other ingredient; better than any other ingredient. When it comes to managing your pain and reclaiming the life you should be living you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

Biovaflex® is a registered trademark of Biova, LLC, Johnston, IA 50131.


The Formula

One (1) capsule of fast joint care+ contains:
Medicinal ingredients:
Gallus gallus: Biovaflex® natural egg membrane 450mg
Non-medicinal ingredients:
Cellulose, Rice flour, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Adult Dosage:

To help relieve joint pain and stiffness, take one (1) capsule daily with or without food.


Do not use if you have an allergy to eggs. If symptoms worsen or persist, consult a health care practitioner.

Note: fast joint care+ contains no gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, corn, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place.

Biovaflex® is a registered trademark of Biova, LLC, Johnston, IA 50131.

Question & Answer

  • Thank you for contacting Genuine Health!

    This product is made with natural egg membrane and no shellfish ingredients are used. We do not test for shellfish however all products are manufactured in GMP facilities and many steps are taken to ensure that there is no cross contamination.

    Yours in Health & Happiness,

    Genuine Health Customer Support
  • Thank you for contacting Genuine Health!

    The research on fast joint care+ is on those with osteoarthritis and non-arthritic pain. However it can work on other types of pain and arthritis. We suggest that you try it to see if it works for you, we do guarantee our products so keep your original receipt. We do hope that it provides you some relief!

    Best regards,

    Genuine Health Customer Support

  • Thank you for contacting Genuine Health!

    There are no shellfish ingredients used in this product, but this product is produced in a facility that handles fish products. All procedures are taken to prevent cross contamination. Caution is advised for those with severe allergies.

    Yours in health & happiness,

    Genuine Health Customer Support
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40 review(s)

The following reviews are written by real-life Genuine Health customers. Individual results may vary.

Hyarulonic Acid is the key

Try to find joint relief with this little known but very effective ingredient. Its the oil that lubricates your body motor. I have ulnar nerve damage, and this works, also great for your skin too


Freaking Awesome

I started taking this last Oct. 1st, 2011. In May 2012 I had my yearly bone density test. I've gone up by 2%. The only difference, Fast Joint Care +. I'm 49 years old and I'm increasing my bone density.


Amazing product

I am a regular runner and as much as I love running, there is some degree of wear and tear that I experience in my joints. On the recommendation of a friend, I tried fast joint care+ and have been amazed by the results. After a week of taking the product, I saw results. My hip pain, which has plagued me since running a marathon last fall, has significantly reduced. I am amazed and strongly recommend the fast joint care+ for all the runners out there!


Fabulous product!

I have arthritis in my spine and it's at stage 3 in my neck so stiffness and pain is part of my everyday life... well it WAS until I tried this product. My range of motion has improved significantly and waking up without a headache is such a blessing. My quality of life is so much better. Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful product!


watching the years peel away

I HAVE HAD PAIN IN MY KNEES FOR THE PAST DECADE.AT THE END OFF THE DAY I Just drag my leg behind me. After just one month of "Joint Care" Iam like a new man.Thanks for giving me my life back.



I am writing to say a HUGE THANK YOU. I had recommended fast joint care+ to my mother in law months ago, which she took and found fast relief from pain in her joints. Unknown to me, she still needed her Tylenol just for an added boost in the morning.
Now all she takes is fast arthritis relief+ and no Tylenol. She is literally AMAZED that after 17 years of taking Tylenol that she no longer needs it. The fast arthritis relief+ benefits lasts for 24 hours, so she is able to get out of bed no problem in the morning.


recommend it to everyone

I had an osteo-arthritis flare up in my hands so bad that everything was difficult. after 7 days they were much better and after 10 days the stiffness started to ease. It has been a year now and when I tried to go off the arthritis came back into my hip this time. If I remember to take it same time every day the pain is relieved down to a dull ache or gone, depending on the weather. It helped my husband with stiff joints due to kidney induced gout residue stiffness. I do recommend to everyone who mentions joint issues to me. Most have noticed significant relief



I play basketball, soccer and weight lift regularly. Started using this product after my Dr. recommended surgery for a torn meniscus I received 6 months ago. I bought a two month supply as a last ditch effort to avoid surgery........guess what? the knee feels amazing after I finished the bottle!!! I didn't buy another bottle right away to see if the effects would last. after another two months of not taking any of this product, I still am enjoying sports with only 20% pain. I cancelled my surgery and bought another two months supply.

Thanks for the great product! I'll be telling everyone I know about how amazing this product is.


This works.

I've had back and hip issues for decades. This is the first product, among many tried, that actually made me feel better within a week. It's amazing how much more one can do, once the pain diminishes. This cut my pain in half in a short period. I've been using it for about 6 months and my pain is down to maybe a quarter what its been for decades.
I can walk easily again;I rarely limp; I have energy and flexibility and movement!


much less snap, crackle, pop!

I've taken these pills for 13 days and I've noticed a substantial reduction in the noises that used to come from my knees during the process of squatting during an exercise. The tightness around my kneecaps has also been reduced quite a bit. I'm hoping for even more improvement between the 30 and 60 days. I whole heartedly recommend this product to people who experience joint pains due to gym exercises.

Neil C

Stunning Improvement

I went to Healthy Planet in North York Ontario, in
Severe pain from an injured knee thats been hurting me on and off for years. These past teo weeks after injuring it even worse on a treadmill, I havent been able to make it up stairs, straighten it out without intense pain and today I bought this product, now this may sound unbelieveable but within a few hours my knee is feeling so much better while its still sore its probably 30-45 percent less sore than it has been at this time last night and for the last two weeks. This stuff is working already and I cant believe it but I feel better-already. Trust me its not in my head, my knee is still sore but my range of movement and the pain is so much reduced I cant begin to explain how impressed I am. The box says improvements within 7 days well, I thought for me? If there will be any improvements it might take 7 months but its been more like 7 hours.

Wow, I dont know for anyone else were all different and not everything works for everyone but its really workin for me, and this isnt a placebo effect the pain is really reduced much the same as getting a cavity filled isnt most likely a placebo effect well, neither is this.

Greg Jones


THANK YOU! I have just finished my trial package and I am very impressed.I am a Registered Nurse and suffer from aching and painful back, hips and knees everyday, this is absoluteley a wonder capsule. I noticed complete relief of my painful joints the second day. It has also saved me sleep,I'm no longer being woken at night with my painful joints. I will be recommending it to everyone!!!


Amazing Results

I started fast joint care+ for a month, by day 2 of the 30 day box, I noticed improvement
right away in my back.
I strongly recommend fast joint care+.


My fav supplement

fast joint care has reduced my joint pain considerably. Recently I missed taking it for a week while travelling. The pain and stiffness returned so I am back on it. Thank-you Genuine helath!


Fast Joint Care really Works!!

I have been taking Fast Joint Care for about 3 weeks & it really works. I had elbow pain & after approx 7 days it was gone.
Great Product.... Thank you Genuine Health


Unbelievable how well it works!

I purchased the trial package and within days noticed a difference. Bought the 30 day supply and have been taking them for about a month now and barely have any stiffness anymore. I am on arthritis prescrition medicines that have never helped as much as this. I have just been told there is an arthritis version so may try that next. The strange coincidence is it seems to be helping decrease the wrinkles I was developing. A great added bonus.


Surprised and pleased

Hi, just to let you know, my knees feel so much better, and that is only after 10 days. But there was an unexpected side effect - my fingernails have become stronger and don't split or crack. I am not really sure yet if this is because of the product, but I'm not complaining - my fingernails have always been weak. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

Terry Minogue from Canada

very good product

noticed results first week

extreme athlete

Don't notice knees anymore

I've been using this product for 4 months. I'm not sure when it started to work, fairly rapidly I'd say otherwise I may not have invested in the 2nd bottle. I am an avid hiker and can verify this product has made descent from mountains a bearable experience again. I also notice less stiffness in my knees if I have to get up in the middle of the night.



Due to everyone's body system being different, I did not give up hope on fast joint care+. After taking it for over a month, I have noticed improvement with less pain and better mobility in my knees and hip.

Since my joint / arthritis issues did not arise overnight; I do not expect a miracle overnight !

I will continue to use this fantastic product and look towards continued relief and better days ahead.

Oh yes ... I did thank my daughter for introducing me to this product.

RWS from Saskatchewan, Canada

can go for walks again--pain free

Thank you for my free sample! Once I was certain that I would not have any tummy upsets, I bought a 30 day supply (which I wish was a little less expensive) I can now go for long walks without the usual limping home and taking Tylenol! I did have a flare up of new nodes on the index finger but am willing to keep giving this prooduct the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for a great product and I love that it is natural!


Amazing Results

I've taking other medications for joint pains & arthritis pain without the same fast results as Fast Joint Care (no pun intended). After 5 days, I woke up no more pain in my joints & throughout the days following it was AMAZING!!!!! At long last, I've got fast relief (especially when I have to shovel the snow to get out of my house to our car(about 5 feet of snow covered our road,sidewalk & driveway).


great for seniors!

My grandfather started taking fast joint care+ about a week ago and he's already noticing a big difference with pain relief. He went to the store last week to get a larger supply. Since he's not so tech savvy, he asked me to pass along his testimonial, gratitude and thanks to Genuine Health for providing such a wonderful, fast-working product!


fast joint relief!!

I am using fast joint care+ and I am sooooo happy!!!!!!! Its amazing, the pain is 90% gone in my hands! I really forgot what it was like to not have painful hands. It started to work within the 1st day and I was shocked! I never noticed a difference taking glucosamine (and hated all the doses) but this product really is incredible. I have been telling anyone who will listen about it!

I've also bought the multi-vitamin... next purchase will be Omega-3 and the Bone Builder (I have low calcium so I'd rather prevent damage now!!) I'm a true Genuine Health fan!


Not quite sure if it is working

I am not quite sure if it works but I am going to go over the 2 months timeframe. I find not much difference. I mean I have tried Boswellia and it was actually better. But I am going to continue taking this and will report back if i do feel a difference.

Jack from Canada

I love it!

I just wanted you to know how excited I am about your joint product. I just started using this and can now bend down with no pain. I LOVE IT!!


Excellent product, great results in two weeks!

I started taking the capsules a couple of weeks ago. After the first first week I was still skeptical, some slight improvement, but the swelling in my left index finger still did not go away.
After 20 days the pain is completely gone, the swelling disappeared and I am glad that I purchased your product.
I would highly recommend it to anyone and some of my friends with similar issues already purchased it.

Great job, thanks a lot, keep up the good work!


Works for me!!

After talking with my specialist in rhumatology and without increasing my medication for my arthritis, I decide to give it a try with 'Fast joint care +'.
After one month of trial, my hips and knees were doing much better!


It does work

I had just been diagnosed with slight to moderate amount of Osteoarthritis in my hip at the age of 48. At that stage I had constant discomfort and motion pain. I searched the Internet for some relief/cure and found fast joint care. I didn't even know about Genuine Health Products. I decided to try the 7 to 10 pack. After 6 days the discomfort/pain was gone. and my range of motion pain has been reduced. I am convinced!


it works

it works

I ve done the other supplements, and never really believed they were doing anything. FAST JOINT CARE ..started working in 3 days!! i could feel it , and if i stop... in about 3 days, the pain is back.

its great!!


Works for me and my two friends.

I have burnt out the facet joints in my lower back and have been managing with advil. Day 2-3 of fast joint and I stopped needing the advil. Recommended it to two friends who also have found relief from their aches !!


No relief yet.

I have tried this product with little success. Happy for others success. Are you to take it alone - I take it with the rest of vitamins in the morning. I have a Sulfa allergy is this the reason. I have taken greens+ since Sam created it so was hoping this would work for my arthritis. Hope to hear from someone.


fast joint care+

Three weeks ago I went into a store and decided to look at the vitamins. A lady asked me what I was looking for I told her I was trying to loss weight so I needed something for weight loss. So she took me to the line called Genuine Health and said it is the best line of products she has even seen.

As we got talking I told her about my pain in my knees. She suggested “fast joint care+”. I thought well $14.99 is not bad so I bought the trial pack. I started the next day and after ONLY 3 days on this pill I was PAIN FREE !!!!

At first I thought no that can’t be right maybe I think I am pain free as your mind can play silly tricks on you. No way, after day 7 it was like I was a NEW PERSON!!! I could not only walk pain free but from sitting to standing before I could barely move. I had to stand there for about a minute or two before I could go any where as the pain was so bad. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the worst) I was at a 9 ! Now if you asked me three weeks later on a scale of 1 – 10 I would tell you I’m at a 2!!!! Unreal !!!!

I am so happy to be pain free it’s crazy !! I feel like I’m on the top of the world for the first time in years!!!!!!!! I would love to tell the world about this product as I feel it has saved my life!! I thought for sure I was going to end up in a wheel chair in a very short period and I am only 42. THANK YOU GENUINE HEALTH YOU SAVED ME FROM BEING CRIPPLED!! I tell everyone about this new pill !! My family has noticed a complete 360 in my life! I am feeling pain free and that makes the rest of my body free and not under stress from pain.

I am so happy I wanted to share this with the company that changed my life!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


Enthusiastic endorsement of fast joint care+!!

I want to let you know that after years of trying many, many medical and natural supplements and therapies for my knees, the fast joint care+ is the only supplement that has allowed me to regain a pain free life of walking.

In the 1980s, I had arthroscopies on both knees to remove torn cartiledge, due to competitive running injuries, and the pain increased with the years to the point where is was difficult to walk more than a block. In March of this year, I painfully limped into my health food store, Sol, in Aylmer Quebec to do some shopping. I asked Monique, a professional natural supplement consultant at Sol, if there were any pain remedies for my knees that she could recommend since I had just committed to run/walk the 2Km Ottawa 'marathon' in May with my 4 year old grandson and didn't want to let him down. He really wanted to go on the run but needed an adult since his parents weren't able to take him.

Monique highly recommended fast joint care+ and I started to take it immediately. The pain was totally gone in a couple of days and my grandson and by race weekend we BOTH completed the 'marathon' together. I was thrilled since I thought I would never be able to run/walk 2 km again in my life and it was so incredibly special to go across the finish line with my grandson.

I may never be able to run again, but at least I can walk without pain ... and your natural supplement made a 4 year old and his Nana really happy!! We may even try the 5km walk/run 'marathon' next year!

Thank you so much for developing fast joint care+.



I wanted to let you know about the recent success I have been having with a newly available supplement, "fast joint care+", I have been taking for the osteoarthritis in my knee. My knee has gradually been getting better since I started taking "fast joint care+" in the last couple of months. I have tested my knee out more vigorously over the past two weeks (without a knee brace) with no subsequent knee pain. Previously, after such work outs, the knee pain would "burn" during the night, constantly waking me up. And I no longer need to take Advil to manage the pain.
Thank you


Strongly Recommend

In approximately one month, I will celebrate my 80th birthday. I started taking fast joint care+ as soon as it arrived in stores. I have to tell you, I have suffered from arthritis for many years and consequently, my joints, and particularly my hands, are severely damaged. I was no longer able to bend my index finger, and I was no longer able to grip things. Since taking your product, I have gained back a great deal of dexterity and manual strength, and this has considerably increased my level of activity. In all honesty, I would strongly recommend fast joint care+ to treat joint problems.


No more pain!

I skeptically tried the 10 day fast joint care+, thinking I had nothing to lose if it did not work. Well by day 6-7, I had noticed that the fatigue that I usually get in my right foot (the one that was diagnosed with osteoarthritis) is no longer present throughout the night or the next day based on the activity I do the day before. For example, I would endure mild pain when running 10-15 k, and then have to rest my foot that night and the following day as there would be joint stiffness and soreness. Now, I am happy to report that there is no post activity pain, or pain the next day!

I am a fan of your greens+, o3mega+ joy and proteins+ products. And have now added the fast joint care+ product to the list.

Cynthia B.

fast joint care+ - helpful in pain management

I have inflammation and joint pain in multiple areas of my body. I bought the 10 day package. It is now day 9, I currently have decreased discomfort, increased mobility, less stiffness when waking in the morning, less fatigue from the consistant pain. I had tried many different kinds of products including topical and supplements for a number of years. I have had about 30% relief from the symptoms I have had all day long for many years. Even if this is as much benefit I will receive from this product, it has already changed my daily routine. I have increased mobility which has led to a better quality to my daily routines.


Felt Difference in One Day

Instead of taking twelve capsules in a day, I took one capsule of fast joint care+, and felt the difference. My pain and stiffness reduced considerably, and I slept well during the night.


It's effective

My husband started using fast joint care+, (he has issues with arthritis, and degenerative disc disease, has taken various joint products for years). He has been on Maori Miracle for about 2 months, and other joint products for a long, long time.

By day 5 of the 10 day box, he was noticing that he was hurting much less. We know that Maori Miracle is a slow rebuilder, so we were not expecting him to feel better by taking it, yet.

But, our deduction joint care+ is effective and we are pleased.


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