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What are the benefits to prebiotics versus probiotics?

By Genuine Health

Both prebiotics and probiotics are important factors to a healthy gut and they work together to nourish the gut flora.  A healthy gut helps improve overall health through immune and digestive support; preventing allergies, gas, bloating and constipation; producing some vitamins, absorbing minerals and eliminating toxins.

To prep the gut we will start with prebiotics.  Prebiotics are fibre-rich food ingredients that are typically difficult for humans to digest.  Prebiotics specifically encourage the growth of beneficial microbes (probiotics).  greens+ whole body contains a fermented prebiotic VitaFibre (Isomaltooligosaccharides) to support the growth of probiotics.

Now for the probiotics.  Probiotics are specific microbial strains with different benefits dependent upon the strain used.  In greens+ we use 8 strains of probiotics to provide a daily source of probiotics to get and keep your gut healthy.  Some people may require other specific strains for a period of time if they have health issues they are looking to address.  Certain strains may benefit immunity, others an irritable bowel, others allergy and skin, others travelers tummy and so on.

How do fermented foods fit into gut health?

Fermented foods are popping up everywhere and they are a great way to nourish your gut.  But what exactly do they do and how do they work?  Fermented foods/ingredients are transformed by microbial action.  The transformation increases the nutritional quality and the food or food ingredient may include both prebiotics and probiotics within it. Fermented foods/ingredients can transform gut ecology in a beneficial direction.  For example, even though fermented foods may not contain Bifidobacterium (a highly beneficial microbe family), they are capable of promoting the growth of Bifidobacterium within the gut.  Put simply, fermentation in nutrition is a primary factor in the promotion of an entire beneficial intestinal microbial ecosystem.  Probiotics, although important, are a narrow piece of the gut ecology discussion and need to be supported with prebiotics and fermented foods for optimal gut health.  greens+ whole body NUTRITION and fermented Vegan proteins+ are two convenient ways to add more fermented foods to your daily diet!