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Why you need more BCAAs

By Genuine Health


BCAA’s, or Branched Chain Amino Acids as they are more formally known, are a special type of amino acid that are a key component to unlocking your athletic performance and weight loss goals.

BCAA’s are a group of three amino acids consisting of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Like their name suggests they are branched, making them structurally different than other amino acids our body uses, and thus giving them a different function.

While other amino acids have to undergo processing in our liver before being used by the body, BCAAs are not degraded by the liver and rather allowed to enter the blood stream where they are used for a variety of metabolic functions, including promoting lean muscle synthesis, improving energy levels, and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

So why is it important to get more BCAA’s in the diet? Well because BCAAs directly enter the blood stream it means dietary intake directly affects plasma levels; the more you eat the more you have to build muscle and produce energy. Further to this, exercise depletes our stores of BCAASs meaning that the more we work out the more susceptible we are to low levels.

BCAAs make up 1/3 of our skeletal muscle and are crucial for building new muscle protein or maintaining what we have. Loss of lean muscle will greatly impact our athletic performance as less muscle equates to less power, and will also have a serious impact on our metabolic rate, impacting our ability to lose fat mass.

Good news is that BCAAs are easily added to your daily routine, and can be added to a morning smoothie, post-workout shake, or simply added to your workout water bottle to be sipped on as you go.

Genuine Health’s NEW BCAA +creatine provides 10g of 100% vegan BCAAs, as well as two other ingredients, creatine and glutamine, proven to enhance athletic performance, increase lean muscle mass, and support immune and digestive health.