Holiday Gift Guide 

We love a practical gift. Especially when it helps to contribute to its recipient’s overall health and happiness. Whether you’re shopping for your party host, gym bud or your favourite world traveller, we’ve rounded up our top recipe ideas and products to help you give them the gift of health this holiday season.

The Host (with the Most)

Homemade Cashew Cheese

Make Joyous Health’s homemade cashew cheese and plate it on a wooden board with dried fruit and crackers—then leave the board as a gift to your host.


greens+ extra energy

Hosting can be exhausting! Give them the gift of energy to get through the holiday season.


The Health Nut

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Pots

Just like your typical hot chocolate mix, except it’s much healthier—free from refined sugar, with an extra protein boost to keep their blood sugar stable.

clean collagen

Give them the gift of healthy skin and joints in an unflavoured (tasteless!) format that can be stirred into any of their elixirs.


The Gym Junkie

Protein Gains

Protein may seem like an odd gift but hear us out—you’re not just gifting protein, you’re giving post-workout muscle gains.

basd body wash, coffee scrub & body lotion in invigorating mint

The invigorating mint body wash is perfect for sudsing up after a sweaty workout, the coffee scrub moisturizes as it exfoliates, and the body lotion is a luxurious and energizing post-gym ritual. Plus, they’re bundled together for a (really) great price.


The Foodie

Savoury Trail Mix

Whip up this savoury and spicy trail mix in minutes. Pack it into small jars and gift to your foodie friends.

basd body lotion in indulgent crème brulée

Any dessert lover will go nuts for this rich and hydrating moisturizer & body wash bundle that smells just as good as the real thing.

The Traveller

advanced gut health probiotic 50 billion

A multi-strain, shelf-stable probiotic can help support their digestion and immune function when travelling.

fermented vegan proteins+ bars

Pop a few into their stocking so they’ll always have access to 14 grams of fermented (easy to digest) protein in 6 delicious flavours—wherever their travels take them.


The Party Lover

greens+ daily detox

Formulated with ingredients to support both phases of liver detoxification, for safe and effective detox support. Hot tip: when you take this with advanced gut health probiotic, it’s our go-to for preventing a hangover.

advanced gut health probiotic 50 billion

Did you know that alcohol can disrupt the gut microbiome? A daily probiotic can help to keep those healthy bacteria populated and the gut lining strong during the holiday season (and beyond)!