How Do I Choose the Right greens+ for Me?

This has got to be one of the great debates of this age – how do I choose the right greens+ for me?

With six different greens+, there is a greens for everyone! Whether you’re original, tried and true, or whether you like to be extra like Drake, we’ve got a greens for you.

So take a seat and try to imagine yourself sitting at Café Gratitude, menu in hand, asking yourself, “How do I want to feel?

I want to feel great

You’re a no-frills kinda person. You don’t overcomplicate things. You cut straight to the point, and, however blunt at times, we love that about you.

greens+ ORIGINAL is your go-to. With a tried and true formula that’s as classic as a pair of Levis 501s, greens+ original is the move for you. Made with a synergistic blend of 23 superfood ingredients, like wheat grass, beets, bilberry, dulse, spirulina, plus standardized herbal extracts to energize you and help to combat stress, greens+ original will be the fabric of your life. As the only superfood proven to deliver these benefits, you can count on greens+ to give you…

  • A super rich concentration of fruits and veggies
  • More energy to go about your day
  • A balanced body system and pH
  • Nutrients that feed healthy gut bacteria and can strengthen your gut lining

I want more energy and focus

You’re at a 6 and you want to be at an 8-9. Because you know that you have the same number of hours a day that Beyonce has, and frankly, you want to make those hours count.

Maybe you’ve kicked the coffee habit but still need a little push in the morning, or maybe you’re done with that wave of tiredness that hits you every afternoon at 3. (Because, no, you cannot sleep under your desk.) Or maybe you just want to feel good, like really good, every day.

greens+ extra energy delivers the same tried, trusted and true formula of greens+, but with added kola nut and taurine to propel you (all the way up!) for clean energy and more focus – without the crash.

I want all of the things

Admit it, you have FOMO. Fear of missing out on conversations, parties, you name it. You want it all (we don’t blame you!). And you hate the idea of missing out on an experience.

You LOVE the idea of taking a greens supplement like greens+, but you wonder whether you should also take a multivitamin, because you like the idea of covering your bases with an insurance policy of sorts.

We made greens+ multi just for you. A full serving of greens+ meets a high-potency multivitamin to help you fill in any nutrition gaps. So you never have to miss out. At least with your supplements.

I want to improve my bone density without having to take calcium on its own

You want to ensure that your bones are strong to support you in everything you do every day. And let’s just say that you have a tendency to question things – especially things that pertain to straight up calcium supplementation because calcium isn’t the only mineral found in your bones, you know?

You’re a rebel, and we like you.

greens+ bone builder contains bone-building antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including vitamins C, D3, lycopene and 3 forms of calcium, PLUS a base of the highly alkaline-forming, nutrient-rich greens+.

Oh, and because we know that you’ll want to know just how well it works, greens+ bone builder is 15x more effective at building bone than calcium alone, and has been the subject of 3 studies.

I just want my liver to be happy

City smog, exhaust, and that coworker who wears strong perfume kinda stress you out because you know that your liver – your detox MVP – is going to be the one that has to deal with it. And a little liver love would be lovely, because you’re done with juice cleanses.

greens+ daily detox delivers that full serving of greens+ with a little extra something for your liver – all natural, cleansing ingredients like liver-loving milk thistle and alpha lipoic acid that help to support and cleanse the liver, skin, kidneys and GI tract.

Because a cleansed liver means improved skin, mood and mental clarity – the glow of health.

I’m sensitive

You’re sensitive, and not in a “something we said?” sort of way. You’re a deep feeler, and your path has led you towards a plant-based, allergen-free way of living. Maybe it’s digestive symptoms that got you here, maybe not.

But we love you, and we made you a very special greens+ that is entirely plant-based and vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and is made from 75% organic ingredients. It’s called vegan greens+ O, and it still delivers that super-rich concentration of fruits and veggies, gives you more energy, balances your pH and helps to support a thriving community of friendly gut microbes.




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