I Am Trying to Kick Caffeine – How Can I Make the Process Less Painful?

Congrats on working towards healthy new habits! It’s one thing to enjoy cup of coffee, it’s another to use multiple cups as a crutch to get through the day.

A common side-effect of quitting coffee is headaches, which is why gradually reducing the caffeine headache will make the process the least painful (in the literal sense, anyway). Cutting back, and substituting other beverages can make it go a little more smoothly. Some options include herbal tea, or coffee substitutes. Green tea helps make the transition easier as it still contains caffeine, but in lesser amounts. Plus – it has some great health benefits!

A nourishing and effective substitute is greens+ extra energy. It nourishes the body, addressing energy gaps that can contribute to low energy, and greens+ has been proven to increase energy at the cellular level! The addition of natural energizers like kola nut, suma root and rhodiola lift energy and helps to replenish the body providing clean and lasting results – without a jolt or “crash”!

Finally, stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep – try sleep+ time-release to help aid natural sleep cycles, if they’re disrupted by the changes taking place in your body!