Clean Collagen

We are all made from collagen. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. But beginning in our 20s, our bodies naturally produce less of it. Collagen loss is usually seen on the skin, where lines and wrinkles form. But underneath it all, loss of collagen also affects the integrity of our bones, joints and muscles
Good news: Supplementing with clean collagen can help to prevent against collagen loss, helping us all look and feel awesome.
  • Improved skin hydration
  • Improved joint health
  • Available in sustainably sourced Marine or Bovine

What is collagen? Why is it so important?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It’s the “glue” that holds us together and supports our tissues’ “elastic” quality.

Our bodies naturally produce collagen—but beginning in our 20s, our bodies make less of it. Plus, there are some lifestyle factors that cause us to lose our collagen at a faster rate:

Stress & trauma
Excessive sun exposure & UV damage
Exposure to toxins and chemicals like alcohol, drugs, environmental toxins & radiation
Lack of hydration

When our bodies produce less collagen, we don’t look or feel as great as we usually do.

You may notice that your skin has more wrinkles, or looks dull and dry—and it’s lost its youthful glow. Or maybe your joints feel more sore than they used to, and it’s harder to move around. Maybe it takes longer to recover from an injury than it used to. Collagen can be found in the walls of our arteries, and its loss can impact our cardiovascular system. Or maybe you’ve recently had a low reading on a bone mineral density test.

The bottom line: collagen loss can affect many different parts of the body.

But there is some good news: supplementing with high-quality, clean collagen can help to reverse collagen loss and help us all look and feel our best!

8 Key Benefits of Collagen

The research is clear: Collagen provides benefits throughout the entire body—everyone can benefit from collagen!

How clean collagen is made

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  • Sustainably Sourced

    We start with sustainably sourced fish skins and bovine hides that would otherwise be unused.

  • Carefully Extracted

    Enzymes break down the collagen into absorbable peptides (meaning it’s “hydrolyzed”) for better absorption.

  • Dried & Finished

    clean collagen is dried and milled into a powder that is easy to mix into any beverage or recipe

3 easy ways to take clean collagen

  1. Stir into Hot or Cold Drinks

    Stir clean collagen into water, coffee or tea.

  2. Blend into a Smoothie

    Blend clean collagen into a smoothie.

  3. Add to Recipes

    Add clean collagen to your favourite recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take collagen?

Yes! Here are some questions to ask yourself. Do you find your hair & nail quality is weak and growth is slow? Are you looking to support the body structurally for sports and/or fitness activities? Is recovery time from sport-related injuries longer than expected? Are you looking to naturally lessen the visible signs of skin aging? Are you genetically prone to low bone-density, or do you have a low density reading on a test? Are you looking to relieve join pain and support your connective tissue nutritionally? Do you want to support and protect healthy cardiovascular function? Do you want a supplement that supports the structure of whole body and makes you look and feel awesome?

Who would benefit from taking collagen?

Everyone* can benefit from collagen! Collagen production declines in everyone’s body and supplementation offers numerous, well-established health benefits for the whole body!

*clean collagen, bovine and marine clean collagen are recommended for adults over the age of 18.

How does clean collagen taste?

clean collagen unflavoured is completely odourless and tasteless—you can mix it into any beverage or recipe of choice. We also make clean collagen in lightly flavoured water enhancers in flavours like Lemon and Lime and Pineapple Berry for delicious hydration and collagen, all together!

Is clean collagen safe for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women?

We recommend consulting with a healthcare practitioner before starting any new supplement when pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Which clean collagen should I choose, marine or bovine?

Either! There is no research showing bovine is better absorbed than marine or vice versa. There is also no research showing one is better than the other in clinical outcomes. What it boils down to is your personal preference for a bovine or marine source of collagen. If you’re looking to take a collagen that is more convenient, we recommend lightly flavoured clean collagen, bovine and clean collagen, marine, as they can conveniently be added to water.

Is collagen a complete protein? Can collagen be used in place of protein powder?

No, collagen isn’t a complete protein and should not be used as a protein supplement. The benefits of collagen are not because collagen is a protein – the benefits are because collagen has unique peptides that provide benefits throughout the body!

Is clean collagen considered “hydrolyzed collagen”?

Yes, clean collagen is hydrolyzed, which means that the collagen is broken down into smaller (and more absorbable) peptides.

What’s the difference between collagen and bone broth protein?

The bone broth supplement is a wild west…a shell of what whole food bone broth actually is. Top selling bone broth supplements are simply spiking the product with animal protein. Plus, the “bone broth protein” likely contains less of the actual beneficial collagen and peptides.

Broth-based collagen supplements are questionable, too because there is usually no guaranteed amount of collagen. A chicken broth-based supplement could actually have lots of natural collagen in it if the manufacturers include things like chicken feet and rooster combs in the boiling process. These are the richest source of collagen in chickens and manufacturers aren’t required to disclose what parts of the chicken were used in making the broth.

I’ve heard about vegan collagen boosters. Do they work?

There are some vegan “collagen boosters” on the market that are an option for people who follow a plant-based diet. While we’re certainly fans of providing options for everyone, there just isn’t enough science to support the efficacy of vegan collagen boosters. Fruits and vegetables containing silica and phytonutrients and vitamin C can help to build the skin’s natural collagen, but are most effective when used in conjunction with a collagen supplement to achieve better skin hydration, faster recovery from injuries, cardiovascular health, and other benefits that collagen has been studied to provide in humans.

Why do some of your containers seem to be half full of product?

Powder supplements get aerated during the filling process (in other words, they take up more space due to the presence of air). But they eventually settle, which contributes to the half-filled appearance. We choose the smallest container available that can be filled to the full container dose—and you can rest assured that even if the container does not look like it’s full, it contains the weight in grams that we promise on the label.