Joy McCarthy’s Travel Essentials

Ever returned home from a trip and felt like you needed a vacation… from your vacation? Travelling can sometimes derail even the most healthy of habits.

Take long flights (or car trips) without access to healthy food, different time zones, stress from travelling, lack of sleep, and the allure of new and fun places to eat – and it’s easy to feel “off” after a couple of days.

Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean that you take a vacation from your healthy habits – it’s just a matter of how you pack! Our friend, holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health has plenty of healthy travel tips, starting with what she packs in her suitcase.

As Joy likes to say, “I don’t go on vacation from my healthy habits, they travel with me!”

Whether you’ve got a big vacation planned, are travelling for work, or just heading away for the weekend, check out Joy’s essential items to pack.