It can be hard to give your children the nourishment they need to thrive in today’s world. Kids today aren’t meeting recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids or vitamin D. That’s why we’ve partnered with Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health to launch Genuine Health-y kids, a line of supplements that give your children the nutrition they need to thrive.
Give your kids the nutrition they need to lay the foundation for a healthy life!
  • Boost their nutrition
  • Build their healthy gut flora
  • Balance their omega-3 essential fatty acids

Foundational Nutrition for Kids

Kids’ nutrition: The problem today

  • NOT MEETING RECOMMENDATIONS: Around 40% of fruit and vegetable intake among Canadian children and teens comes from just two sources: juice and white potato
  • NOT ENOUGH FIBRE: Kids aren’t meeting daily recommendations for fibre
  • NOT ENOUGH OMEGAS: Up to 84% of children consume less than one serving of fish/seafood per week
  • NOT ENOUGH VITAMIN D: Canadian children are at risk of not meeting population targets for vitamin D
  • LACKING PROBIOTIC & FERMENTED FOODS: Kids don’t typically go for other healthy foods, including fermented foods!

The research is clear! 3 parts of a healthy diet—phytonutrients, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids—are MISSING! Kids need help to build a resiliency to the impact of dietary and environmental influences

Build your child’s healthy gut flora with advanced gut health probiotic kids

A healthy gut microbiome plays an essential role in developing a strong immune system, and early life is critical to shaping a child’s microbiome—but many children get their “probiotics” from sugar-loaded yogurt! advanced gut health probiotic kids builds a child’s healthy gut flora with 5 billion CFU from 7 balanced strains to specifically support their health, with one yummy lemonade chewable per day.

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Made for Your Little Ones

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  • Science-based

    Formulated to help your children thrive, because it’s based on the latest research on children’s health.

  • Made from wholesome ingredients

    We source the very best ingredients, like USDA organic superfood fruits and veggies, triple-cleaned probiotic strains, and fish oils from wild and sustainable sources.

  • Free from nasty stuff

    You won’t find any added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or GMO ingredients in any of our products

  • Made in Canada

    We source the freshest, most effective ingredients from around the world, but all our products are made here right in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kids are these supplements for?

All kids are growing and developing every day! Consuming a gut-friendly diet along with nourishing supplements – PHYTONUTRIENTS, FIBRE and OMEGAS – can help to protect children from autoimmune conditions early in life… and is vital in the development of a healthy immune system, both in childhood and as an adult!

Do you make a children’s multivitamin?

We didn’t make a multivitamin in the Genuine Health-y kids line because looking at the research, it is clear that three things are missing from children’s diets: phytonutrients, fibre and omegas! For example, kids aren’t meeting recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake, and they’re not consuming enough green veggies. 55% of Canadian children and teens’ energy intake is from ultra-processed foods like soft drinks, fast food, processed food, chips, etc. Kids have lower levels of EPA and DHA than adults. And kids don’t typically go for other healthy foods like fermented foods—in fact, many children get their probiotics from sugar-laden yogurts! We created Genuine Health-y kids in partnership with Joyous Health to address the underlying gaps in kids’ diets today, while helping to proactively address the effects of environmental factors like over sanitization, antibiotic use and too much screen time.

Are probiotics necessary if my child eats yogurt every day?

Yogurt can be a healthy addition to your child’s diet, but typically does not contain the range of species (usually just up to 4), CFU (around 1 billion) or a mechanism to protect the bacteria during their journey to your child’s gut! Additionally, children’s yogurts are typically loaded with sugar. A daily probiotic—like advanced gut health probiotic kids has 7 strains of bacteria carefully chosen for a child’s health, 5 billion CFU and a unique tablet made with “honeycomb” technology that gets the bacteria where they’re needed—is your child’s best bet!

Are “natural” flavours safe for kids?

Flavours, even natural ones, are generally proprietary—and many people worry that they could contain a very long list of chemicals. But Genuine Health has a very long list of banned ingredients that will never be included in our products—which our flavour houses comply with. Additionally, we get attestations from our flavor houses that these ingredients are not present.

While some ingredients can undergo significant modifications, yet still be considered “natural,” some are completely harmless, widely recognized as safe, and essential to the industry. Some methods are proven safe while others have legitimate concerns, but rest assured, Genuine Health ensures that the best ingredients and methods of production are used (and are supported by the strongest body of evidence) and boast the greatest reputation for success.

“I’m so proud to be partnering with Genuine Health to bring you the best quality natural health supplements to help your children truly thrive! Based on the latest research, you can feel good knowing you’re giving your child products that are free from GMOs and artificial flavouring and full of wholesome, nourishing ingredients designed with your child’s resiliency in mind.”

Joy McCarthy, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Joyous Health