Support a healthier mental outlook - naturally

Achieve a healthier, improved mental outlook and sense of well-being - naturally†.
One of the first all-natural mood support formulas† in North America
  • Aids in mood improvement and wellbeing†
  • High potency
  • Derived from pure, wild & sustainable sources

Clean, Fresh & Pure

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  • Sustainable & traceable sources

    We source our omega-3 fish oils from wild-caught fish and sustainable fisheries that are strictly regulated. These fisheries protect biodiversity, are environmentally responsible, and globally ranked #1 for sustainability.

  • fresh technology™

    Our omega-3 fish oils are processed using the most advanced technologies, resulting in the cleanest, purest and freshest fish oils available today - with optimal absorption and no fishy repeat or odour.

  • oMEGAcheck+™

    Our 200+ step quality check process produces superior omega-3 fish oils that meet and exceed quality, freshness, and purity standards, as established by international governing bodies.

  • 3rd party testing

    We use third party testing to test for oxidation and contaminants like PCBs and dioxin, to ensure that our omega-3 fish oils are fresh and safe, based on 5 Star International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS).

  • Research studies

    We're committed to conducting research on our own products. Our omega-3 fish oils have been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation in human studies conducted across North America.

Omegas and the Microbiome

Omega-3 fish oils support a healthy gut microbiome! Taking omega-3 fish oils with a probiotic can help to maximize the effects of both supplements†.

What People Are Saying

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