The Microbiome Summit

The Microbiome Summit presents 21 world-renowned researchers from institutions such as Harvard, UCLA, University of Toronto and University of Western Australia. to  discuss how vital the microbiome of our bodies, soil, environment, and planet are, and why understanding and preserving them is crucial to understanding our health.

Why the microbiome?

More has been discovered about the microbiome in the last five years than ever before! The realization that we are just as much microbe as we are human has ignited the scientific community to research the role these microbes play within us and our environment, and how they are essential to our health.

We believe that we are on the verge of a massive paradigm shift that will change the understanding of human health and the practice of medicine.

He are some things that you’ll learn at The Microbiome Summit:

  • How the microbiome influences our immune system and mental health
  • How the first 100 days of life are critical to a child’s microbiome – and how these 100 days can impact whether a child develops asthma or allergies
  • How the microbiome and its metabolites could be a better predictor of type II diabetes than genetics

Our hope is that the Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Summit will give you a greater understanding of how important your microbiome is to your overall health.

We hope you’ll join us on this amazing journey.

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